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I trained at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles. I am currently taking improv at The Groundlings and was excitedly invited to the writing lab (performance track) at The Groundlings. My improv and comedy writing training has helped to launch the sketch comedy web series: Grace and Gustave. As a former dancer and teacher, I have fully embraced my passion as a performer.

Height: 5”4'

Hair Color: Red

Eyes Color: Green


Location: Hollywood, CA

Special Skills
  • Proficient in most dance forms: especially Ballet (including pointe and pas de deux), Jazz, Modern and World/Cultural dances.

  • Skilled in social dances such as the Edwardian Waltz, Charleston and East Coast Swing.

  • Accents: Southern (Deep and Mid Atlantic), British (London)

  • Horseback riding

  • Snowboarding

  • Credentialed Teacher in Physical Education and Dance

  • Stand-In for both Single and Multi-Camera

About Me


Aceson Productions| The Detective | 
Lead Actress

BenMa Productions | 3rd Date | The Picnic

Kyle Blix Productions | The Exchange | 
Lead Actress

Lead Actress

USC Film School | I-Scream | 

Supporting Actress

PureWater Pictures| Project Angel Food Heart | 

Supporting Actress

CSUN| The Feast| 

Lead Actress

Klubal Productions | We're on a Holding Pattern | 

Supporting Actress

JoGalloway Productions| On a Dime| 

Supporting Actress

Supporting Actress

Supporting Actress

Supporting Actress

Brown Productions| The Driver| 

Chapman University | Regret | 

Copp Production Company| Chaparral | 

Supporting Actress

USC Film School| Pool Party| 


Truthful Lies: sketch comedy show    

Cast  |  The Second City  |  (Noel Nixon)

Irrational Emergency: sketch comedy show     

Cast  |  The Second City  |   (Rosemarie Wood)

Best of Second City Show Case    

Cast  |  The Second City  |  (Multiple Directors)

Groundlings Adv. Improv Show      

Cast  |  The Groundlings  |  (Brian Palermo, Director)

Lovers and Other  Strangers            

Bea  |   AADA |  (Matthew Arkin, Director)

Uncommon Women and Others      

Mrs. Plumm  | AADA  |  (Debra Deliso, Director)

August Osage County                   

Violet Weston  | AADA  |  (Joe Garcia, Director) 

education & Training


Available upon request

The Groundlings Diversity Program Showcase 

The Groundlings Advanced Improv |INVITED TO WRITING LAB                      The Second Comedy Writing 1 & 2                                          

American Academy of Dramatic Arts Professional Training 

My Actor’s Studio Monologue and On-Camera Training

Held2Gether: Improv for Life Levels 1&2 

University of Utah BFA Ballet Performance


Additional Training

Sitcom Acting Workshop |  Actor’s Comedy Studio  

Audition Technique Workshop |  Actor’s Comedy Studio 

 Voice and Speech | IPA, Standard American, General American

Comedic Styles Elements of Comedy, Commedia dell’arte, Lazzi 

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