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Recent Roles

I just got an Agent! I'm now working with Laury Smith at Artists Among Us Talent Agency!

I'm still working with Crown North Talent Agency for VO and animation!!!

I'm now managed by Sherry Robb from the Robb Company.

I completed my first audiobook, "This Viscous Way" by Madeline Dyer. I'm auditioning for more...look for more content soon.

Wow we survived that pandemic AND the strikes!!!


I am still moving forward and used that time to work on my craft. I am continuing to create more characters for improv, working on voiceover and animation, and working on tools I need to improve to continue to be a successful working actress. I've been enjoying acting classes  too! I'm taking class at Leslie Khan Studios.

I am still very active at the Groundlings. I'm having fun creating characters while honing my improv skills.

I  am happy to announce that Finn-Again, a web series that was written, acted,  and evenpost-production  was done during the pandemic, Is here. Check out 5 episodes:

Upcoming Projects

We are in pre-production of Episode 3 of our SAG-AFTRA New Media Web Series, "Grace & Gustave".

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